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Greetings tribe,

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Part 1Activating Beyond the Simulatrix: Fallen Angels, Gnosis on Archons, Agenda AI & More! 

PART 2: Decoding the Fallen, Watchers, AI, Civilization Reset 

One of the most common questions from students when first enrolling into The School of Mysticism is: 

How do I begin? There are SO MANY courses and and topics to choose from..

It can be a BIT overwhelming and confusing for the beginning student, to jump right in. 

You may be wondering the FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: 

Do I select courses at random? Do I just start with whatever courses I like best? Do I need to follow a specific schedule of learning to maximize my learning efforts?

The answer is yes…

We have created a VERY SPECIFIC method of training, teaching, and learning, all which combines into the perfect metaphysical system, designed to give you textbook knowledge, facts and figures, introduction to basics and more advanced topics, as well as practical exercises and techniques that you can begin to introduce into your real life learning process, to create a profound, and magickal change into your personal Matrix Reality and your collective experience. 

It is by taking the courses in order, slowly studying and contemplating each lesson, absorbing the information, studying, contemplating, and growing from within, which will then allow you to progress in the right directions and learning, to really become a master in the fields of energy master, spirituality, occultism, multidimensional realities, and more. 

That being said, here is the OFFICIAL LIST of Spiritual Courses that The School of Mysticism offers.

  1. Spiritual Awakening Mastery Course

  2. DMT Pineal Gland Activation Course 

  3. Mystical Ascent Mastery Video Course

  4. Dharma – Life Purpose Mastery Course

  5. Intro to Magickal Studies 

  6. Decoding the Matrix Reality 

  7. Psychokinesis Energy Mastery Course

  8. Quantum Wealth Solutions 

  9. School of Mysticism LIVE Sessions (Live Recordings and Tribe Events)

  10. The School of Mysticism Esoteric Library

The School of Mysticism offers aid, practicality, harmony, love, and a sense of real community, within the contained, protected, and loved community. The online community offers a real, “energetically shielded” space of connection, high vibration, and soul familial recognition. Often times, members are overjoyed in their connection, and feel very attuned with each other, there is a sense of familiarity, beyond the physical. After all, each Initiate shares a yearning for something more, beyond the mundane, limited 3D matrix human world.

Upon enrolling into The Mystical Adept Monthly Membership, the initiate gains COMPLETE ACCESS to all courses.

Individually there courses are valued at hundreds of dollars each, our monthly membership grants you access to all courses
for only $55 a month!!!  

Want a real deep dive exclusive &  lifetime access to the schools main dashboard?
Join Tanuj and The Matrix Unveiled School of Mysticism Tribe In our 

 8-Week Group Coaching Magickal Mastery curriculum!!

This is our third semester of group coaching, and we are
starting March 2023 skyrocketing 

Our course curriculum is as follows: 

📍Week 1: Welcome to Magickal Mastery Initiates!
Introduction to ESP, Psychic Awareness,  and Aura Development

📍Week 2: The Divinity Connection: Sourcing your Magickal Potential

📍Week 3 – Navigating the Matrix, How to Counteract the False Signal of Modern Society

📍Week 4: Protection and Shielding Magick, Psychic Self-Defense Techniques

📍Week 5: Money Magick: The Key Fundamentals and Techniques

📍Week 6: Elemental and Human Deviations: Examining Matrix Overlays and The Construct

📍Week 7: The Divine Human, Homoluminous, Mysticism, and Magick

📍Week 8:  Timelines, Energetic Sovereignty, and Exiting AI Overlays

We are hitting the ground running with our newest heights and brand new course curriculums to create a more powerful, more adept, and streamlined course curriculum, heard to make a highly professional, and adeptly skilled Mystical student of gnosis and learning. Mystical Initiate’s 8-Week: The Complete Magickal Mastery Course foundations and fundamentals for all Students of Mysticism and consciousness expansions MARCH 2023.

Sign Up Below; the Class is Limited to 10 students, ONLY 8 SPOTS REMAINING!! 

See you inside,

Tanuj Soodan

Enroll! Early Bird Price Group Coaching 🚀
It’s almost most here! My NEW book, Agenda AI: The Hijacking of Modern Society, Avoid The Archon Deception of The Simulatrix 

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