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In our LATEST live, which you can watch above, was all about my Divine Manifestation Formula, the trials, tribulations, and obstacles that we had to face and overcome, before manifesting our IDEAL HOME in Costa Rica!

I share with you, my TOP magician’s secrets, and how to change your reality with your thoughts and magickal rituals…

Additionally, I also shared at the end, that we will be having a POWERFUL SOLAR ECLIPSE later today, at around 12:45 PM central and 2:45 PM EST. This solar eclipse is going to energetically focus heavily on finances, life purpose, and creating sovereignty in your life,

This has been a theme that I have been heavily focusing on in my own life, with great successes, and therefore I will be holding a LIVE CLASS for all students at The School of Mysticism, on Friday, May 6th!

Here is a LIST of things to Focus on for this years successes on correlation with the Solar Eclipse happening on April 30th, 2022, with the Taurus Energies:

– Focus on creating a SOVEREIGN, EFFORTLESS, and HARMONIOUS lifestyle
– Identify all money blocks, fears, doubts, sense of lacking self worth
– examine in your energy field, and mind, in deep meditation, what is preventing me from creating my HIGHEST timeline of joy, happiness, and abundance
– ask yourself, where am I STILL not showing up for my highest vibrational self
– what rituals or energetic practices can I perform TODAY, to set a new trajectory of abundance and gratitude in my life
– what blessings/opportunities are in my life that I am already thankful for, and can give gratitude, love, and appreciation for?
– what new opportunities, streams of income, and new 
possibilities can I create or take advantage of that is currently being presented before me, to create most abundance and wealth for myself and family?
– what limiting beliefs about my own successes and prosperity am I still holding and trapping myself in?

This is just a SMALL LIST of the possibilities and practices you can perform, we will be sharing more of this in our LIVE webinar, on May 8th inside the School of Mysticism.  


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Again, this

So, if you are STILL struggling to manifest your reality, create the LIFE of your dreams, and understand your place in this Universe,

Read this CAREFULLY…

The School of Mysticism was created SPECIFICALLY for you! The awakening spiritual being, looking to spiritually develop, and MASTER his or her reality!

If you want to discover your life purpose, connect to the Cosmic Intelligence of Source Consciousness, learn to LIVE your life purpose!

If you feel STUCK, trapped, and ENSLAVED to the Matrix, confused, lost, and hopeless…

There is a guiding LIGHT here and ready to help you!

The world is changing drastically, and it is TIME to move forward with your spiritual development. 

Do NOT let another moment slip by, with your soul trapped/stuck in the Matrix, living a life of a LIE, when you know you came here to experience magickal and high vibrational things! 

Inside the School of Mysticism we will teach you the following: 

  • Your connection to “Source”, or the All, or Infinite Consciousness.
  • With the power of the Infinite Consciousness you can free your mind, soul, and heart, evolve to higher timelines and realities, and enjoy a peaceful, blissful, and high vibrational reality. 
  • You can realize, that you are the Magickal Creator of your own Reality, and that your Divine Sovereign Will is the TRUE POWER in your life!
  • You can learn to shift your reality, become multidimensional, see into other dimensions and realities, become telepathic, and telekinetic.
  • You can also learn to manifest incredible results, and shift you reality to a magical, harmonious, highly evolve, 5D+ state of reality. 

Right now, ENROLLMENT closes May 1st, 2022, for the School year of 2022.

To celebrate the INCREDIBLE successes, abundance, and mystical learning we have all been experiencing in this last year at the School,

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Don’t let the opportunity of a LIFETIME, the chance to learn REAL MAGICK, AND REAL MYSTICAL TEACHINGS, slip by. 

Don’t live your life in ignorance, suffering, and being controlled by negative external forces anymore, learn to gain power over your own reality, for yourself and your Eternal Spirit. 

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Talk to you soon,

Tanuj Soodan

Head Instructor at

The School of Mysticism 

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