Is Social Media Corrupting Your Consciousness?

In today’s newsletter, I discuss the harsh truths about social media, content creation, and today’s Age of Algorithms exploiting creators. 


Today, I want to talk to you about COMMUNITY. You see, there has been a GROWING TREND of toxicity, egotism, and overall negative vibe that I have been picking up on Social Media.

There is also a heavy censorship agenda, which severely limits the scope a creator speaking about DEEP ESOTERIC Truths can reveal, simply put, people’s minds are closed off, to harsher truths of our Spiritual Reality…

Instead, people are ENCOURAGED to create content based on views, likes, and quick, quirky information, not TRUTH or GNOSIS.

Truth or Gnosis DOES NOT interest the MASS MAJORITY, because most people are terrified of the Truth, and what that means for the programs and shadows within their Subconscious Mind.

So, upon contemplating this, I have thought about a few things, mainly the lack of support, love, and appreciation, that many Creators face on Social Media platforms.

There is a REASON why we take community and connection to something Greater, Spiritually, within Each of Us, about Magick and Mysticism in the School of Mysticism…

You need a Space of Balance and Openness, to the Magickal, Beyond the Mundane, where you can express the Magick, together, with OTHERS who are LIKE MINDED individuals.

This is perhaps the MOST important element in any community or group of individuals focused on something Greater than their physical selves…

In this day and age, COMMUNITY with other like-minded souls, is ESSENTIAL to have, so you can converse, speak, and learn the most potent, revolutionary, and advanced Spiritual Teachings of The Modern Era…

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Time to go down the Rabbit Hole…

Talk soon,


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