23rd Solar Return ☀️🔥🧘 | Harnessing The Planetary Magicks! Reflection and Contemplation

Today is my 23rd Solar Return ☀️🔥🧘♂️

. And I am spending it people whom I love, and cherish deeply.

The Game of Life is indeed meant to be lived as an experience and magickal synchronicity, where all is possible. Today, reminds me of all we have accomplished and experienced within these 2 decades, of Life, on “Planet Earth”.

Earth is so rich with experiences and life, yet also prevalent, is negativity, fear, and hatred. It is the balance, that truly makes this place so realistic feeling. I mark this date to look forward towards the growth and development of the School of Mysticism, perhaps my greatest creation, and gift I could share with Humanity, my fellow brothers and sisters, “prisoners of the matrix”.

We are not alone. We are guided infinitely by the Divine Cosmic Energies and Forces. We are magickal, and we live our bestest, most sovereign, freeing, and loving lives yet.

And when the Earth game experience ends, we will exit, knowing we left the Magick, and Teachings, for all those who needed it, to escape, and ascend to higher planes of existence.

I look forward to the day where all embrace our cosmic superpower, and our race is filled with wonderful delights of creation, peace, and harmony. No more Barbary, fears, and unconsciousness.

Let’s look towards the future, to create a new timeline, of enlightenment and peace, for all of mankind. I’m taking this day to really enjoy myself, and share loving energies with my closest groups.

Thank you for being apart of the awakening and seeking of magickal wisdom, it means the WORLD to me.

My life is complete, simply knowing I did my purpose, and job here on Earth. I can rest my light body in the voids of Infinity, and experience, once again, boundlessness.

Love and gratitude Tribe.

Tanuj Soodan


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