The pineal gland is located in the center of the brain, right next to the hypothalamus, above the brain stem and medulla.

The pineal gland is a crystalline technology, capable of accessing the infinite dimensions and realms of the Universe.

It is a piezoelectric device, wired to your nervous system, endocrine system, and brain, lungs.

It has the capability of uploading and downloading infinite amounts of wisdom, straight from the Universal mainframe.

All you need to do, is to learn to activate it, properly, and release that eversweet DMT molecule, which Dr. Rick Strassman officially discovered within the human brain.

Here are 3 powerful techniques, that can be fully detailed, and demonstrated within the DMT Pineal Gland Activation Course

A visionary state of intense DMT production/secretion

Technique #1

Sunset is my favorite time to sun gaze.

Sun gazing, practice observing the rising or setting sun, either the first hour, or last hour of sunrise/sunset. Have a relaxed facial expression, and gaze. Make sure your feet are touching the ground, and you are somewhere in nature. Sun gazing is all about receiving the nourishing light, energy, and wisdom of the Sun.

It is all about developing a connection with the Sun. You can even try speaking with the Sun, planting your desires, and intentions for the day. This is a powerful technique to manifest with the Sun’s energy.

Technique #2

Meditation in darkness, and focus on seeing out of the pineal gland. Practice meditating the key is to have COMPLETE DARKNESS. No lights from a phone or anything should interfere with the signal if the pineal gland. This is crucial to produce the DMT and melatonin.

Practice focusing upwards, and rolling your eyes into the back of your head, with a gaze focused upwardly. Feel the energy build towards the center of your brain. Slowly start to peer through the “third eye” with relaxed, yet focused intention. Allow all images of visuals to simply pass you by. Let your mind dance with the trance.

Technique #3

Holotropic or Wim Hof Breathing. The exact breathing technique, is outlined within the DMT pineal gland activation course, however similar methods include the holotropic or wim hof breathing techniques.

These techniques include the following instructions…

  • Find a relaxed place to meditate
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breath, initially breathing very slowly
  • Decide if you want to do this breathing session with your nose or mouth. (Stick to one, it helps the flow of the breathing session)
  • Slowly ramp up the breathing intervals, until you find a nice even pace. Continue breathing for 5 minutes at a time
  • After 5 minutes, hold your breathe completely, as long as you can
  • Deeply inhale, and repeat the cycle as many times as you want

Don’t get me wrong, the techniques are incredibly effective, but they require DEDICATION, WILLPOWER, and CONSISTENCY. What Yogis, mystics, and monks have been doing for centuries, I have now simplified into a simple course and method, that anyone with enough dedication, can learn.

If you want to learn about the full knowledge of the pineal gland, then I encourage you to join me, in the DMT Pineal Gland Activation Course. Which will give you the entire technique for a fully activated pineal gland.

Without the knowledge of endogenous DMT and the pineal gland, mankind may never awaken from their spiritual slumber. We must awaken our consciousness and become truly multidimensional beings of electromagnetism. Remember our true Universal origins…

Join me, in evolving your consciousness, in my DMT Pineal Gland Activation Course, designed to TRULY awaken and activate your crystalline technology.

I await to see you on the other side of the veil my friend…


Tanuj Soodan
The Matrix Unveiled

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