Hi I'm Tanuj | Spiritual Guide & Coach

My mission is to reach quantum levels of consciousness, and to teach inspire, and share my revelations of understanding with the world, so they may evolve and become in greater harmony with the Universe, Nature, and each other.             @JunaTK YouTube

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DMT Pineal Gland Activation Course


Do you know about the immense ability that is contained within your pineal gland?

Have you heard about unlocking DMT naturally? Learn how to TRULY activate your pineal gland to release your own natural DMT!

Explore the multi-dimensional reality, altered states of consciousness, transcend and unveil the Matrix


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Spiritual Awakening Mastery Course


This course will teach you the basics of mastering spiritual awakening, navigating emotions, healing your soul, protecting your energy, and raising your vibration.

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Charge Your Soul's Energy Course


This course will give the fundamental techniques and strategies that can be used to charge your bio-electrical field, and energy field.

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Psychokinesis Mastery Course


Have you ever wanted to move things with your mind?

This course will teach you all the essential fundamentals and advanced level techniques on how to do telekinesis, aerokinesis, pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, telekinesis, magnetism, connect to the energies of nature, harmonize and raise your frequency, and so much more!!!

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